It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Summer from Heaven and Hell

OMG...does it really say that my last post was on June 20?  Let me explain my last few months.  Some of you already know this and I apologize for boring you with the details.

On June 2, my 90 year old step dad was taken to the emergency room.  In the course of 36 hours, he had two strokes and a heart attack.   I spent the month of June with my mother and him at the hospital.  We had a couple touch and go moments, but amazingly enough, he is doing really well and almost ready to leave rehab.   He just needs to be a little more steady on his feet with the walker.

All but one week of July was spent on vacation.  I had the most awesome trip ever.  I spent nine days in New York City with one of my very best friends.  You name it, we did it.  We even had pictures taken with Naked Cowboy.  After NYC, we met up with our husbands for four days for a family reunion in Maryland.  Day five found us parting ways and Dick and I heading out on our own to Washington DC, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  We came home for a week and then left for a big family trip to Diamond Lake in Michigan. 

We came home on August 4 and I am still trying to get back in a normal routine.  Just going to the grocery store and cooking again is hard.  I hadn't cooked a decent meal at home since the end of May, I think.  I go back to work next week and I know that will help get me back in a routine.

The best news is that I lost just over four pounds on my vacations.  It was freakin hot for all the vacations and I walked my ass off.  This made me very happy.  It has always been the opposite with me when I came home vacations.  Always a gain.  It was a very nice surprise.

While I was in NYC, I got an email from Christy (one of the editors at Shrinking Jeans) asking if I wanted to do a challenge with Healthy Wage with four of the other writers.  Top prize is $10,000 to be split between the team members.  Ahhhhh.......yes please!!  We are on Week 4 and I have lost a steady pound a week.

I have been walking twice a day, morning and night with a good friend.  I found a very cool app called Charity Miles that I started using.  I walk and they donate to the charity of my choice.  It's a win/win deal.  Check it out.  You can walk, run or bike. 

I am also back to zumba.  A friend who is certified is teaching a few of us in her basement twice a week.  I'm also doing some dvd's at home.  My favorite right now is the kettle bell workout with Bob Harper from Biggest Loser.  The instructor that I loved no longer works at the place I used to workout at.  Without her, it's not the same, so I chose to do this on my own now.  So far, so good.

The hell of hospitals, nursing homes and rehab units seems to be almost over.  The heaven of vacations is over too.  I can handle that though.  It was a summer I will never forget for many reasons, but I'm ready to get back to normal.  I need to really clean my house.  I need to go stock up my pantry again.  I need to go to the farm market and get lots of fruits and vegetables.  I need to keep up with the exercises and walking. 

I am proud of what I have done so far this summer as far as weight loss and exercise.  I feel like I am really in the grove.  I have an awesome friend who is within a few pounds of my weight that is walking with me and going to zumba with me.   She is awesome and amazing and she is keeping me inspired and wanting to keep up the process.   Thanks Courtney! 

I promise to try to keep up with posting now that things are calming down a little.  At least I hope they are!  I think it's all good!!