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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week One

Can you believe it? The start of the new Shrinkvivor challenge is finally here. I am excited about this challenge. I am so ready for this. I truly truly believe that this is going to be my best challenge ever.

I am a member of Tribe Maroon and from what I can tell so far, we are going to be a great group. We are all over the country and run the gamut of ages. I think it's going to be fun with these ladies.

I have a plan for this challenge. I have goals written. I have planned the times for exercise in my week. Even though I haven't been blogging about it, I have been meal planning. If it kills me, I will start getting enough sleep. My fitness instructor, who is now also my fitness coach is insisting that I get at least seven hours of sleep a night. She also insists that I take two days a week off. She introduced me to Piyo last night and it was an awesome class. I love her.

This weeks physical challenge is to get up and get moving. We are logging our exercise hours. I am all over this. Now that my exercise is planned into my day, this is going to be great.

I am really looking forward to seeing what I can do during this challenge. I have a plan and I have determination. I have a great tribe behind me. I think it's going to be all good.


  1. You'll do great, Nancy! By the way, what is Piyo?

  2. Good luck. I'm on the Lilac tribe.

  3. I'm with Roo...what is Piyo? Oh and good luck with the challenge!

  4. Sounds great! You'll brme racking up points in no time!

  5. For some dumb reason, my own blog won't let me comment as myself. What's up with that?!?! Piyo is an active stretching class that incorporates pilates and yoga moves. I loved it!

  6. Woo-hoo, Nancy! You'll be racking up all sorts of exercise minutes.

  7. Good luck, Nancy!! I'm just as excited for this challenge. Even though we're on different teams - I'll be cheering you on each week!!

  8. Good Luck!!!!

    Bonnie (Team Blue-Berry Muffin Tops)