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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Summer Breakfast Swap

I'm usually the girl that is up for a challenge.

Mel offered this Uncle Sam cereal mini challenge and I said count me in.

Mel from Mel Gets Fit is doing a Summer Breakfast Swap with Attune Foods and Uncle Sam cereal. It is an eight week challenge that you can read about on her blog. She offered a mini challenge of a one week challenge with Attune Foods/Uncle Sam cereal to her readers. I said okay. I can do this.

Here is how it is going to work. Attune Foods sent me a PDF coupon for a free box of Uncle Sam cereal. I went and got the box of cereal. For the next week, I am going to eat Uncle Sam cereal for breakfast every day and tell you about it at the end of this week.

I was a little leery of this challenge after I found out that I was supposed to eat the cereal with milk. I am not a milk girl. When I joined the challenge, I had planned to eat it mixed in my yogurt or just dry, kind of snack style while I got myself ready in the morning. My new friend Annelies at Attune Foods said she would appreciate it if I ate the cereal with milk. That was how all the rest of the girls were doing the challenge. She suggested I drizzle a little honey on the cereal or get flavored soy milk.

I started the challenge yesterday morning. For the past two mornings, I have drizzled honey on my cereal and it is really good. I am not putting tons of milk in my bowl, but there is milk in there. There's enough that I get some in each bite of cereal. I plan to get some vanilla soy milk to try too.

What has surprised me in the last two days is how full and satisfied I feel during the rest of the morning after my breakfast. Both days I had a bowl of cereal and a Greek yogurt and have been perfectly happy until lunch. I wasn't expecting that.

If you would like to join in this challenge, it's not too late. Just head over to Mel's and tell her you'd like to join. She explains it all in a post on her blog.

I will check back with you at the end of the week to let you know how the rest of the week went. If the first two days are any indication of things to come, I'm expecting good things.


  1. where do I get the cereal?

  2. Hey Sue...the easiest way to find a store that carries it is to go to the Attune website and use the store locator