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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Burst into Summer / Week 6

I find it hard to believe that we are in week 6 of this challenge and in the last week of boot camp. The time is going by way to fast this summer. The heat and humidity here in northwest Indiana has been stifling. I'm sorry to say that has made a huge impact on my exercising or should I say lack of exercising.

I did lose .8 pounds this week. Once again I think it was sweat induced. My exercise consisted of anything I could do in the pool. I did spend some time in there this past week. That is kind of unheard of for me. I don't usually go in the pool. Me in a bathing suit is not a very pretty picture, but with this heat I really didn't care who saw me and it was just family. Still it was a huge leap for me to put it on and go out there.

I was kind of a fail on the challenge this week. I did get a couple days with no diet coke, but I had more days with it. I had my grand kids for 36 straight hours. They are 1, 3 and 5 years old and that in itself required the caffeine in diet coke. I also had a couple Bacardi and diets, so yes I was a big fail on this challenge. I promise to do better on this next dairy one.

I had the grand kids because my son-in-law and daughter went to Madison, Wisconsin. My son-in-law competed in the Tough Mudder race with his brother. He trained like a crazy person and my gosh did he ever bulk up. He has some awesome muscle definition. They did a great job and finished in a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. The average time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. I could not believe the things he told me about this race. You run through some of the craziest obstacles on a 10 mile course. By crazy I don't just mean your average obstacles. This race has fire and electrical shock plus having to swim under water. It's nuts! He is very happy and proud though and I'm proud of him too. Here he is after the race.

Daddy explained to the girls why mommy and daddy were going to be gone for so long. They seemed to be okay with it. But...those little minds are always thinking. They came up with the idea to have an obstacle race of their own but not with mud. Aunt Abby and I started thinking and the Princess Race was born. It was the cutest darn thing ever and they had a ball. The picture below is of Natalie running like the wind to the finish line. She was so happy and excited. You can see Lizzy's ear and feet coming up behind her. I couldn't find a good action shot of the two of them together. I have video on my phone, but I didn't think you'd care to watch that. We had obstacles like running through ladder rungs, climbing through inner tubes, running up and down ramps, climbing up and jumping off platforms and doing a lap around the course in their jeep. There was more, but you get the idea. They both got gold medals at the end along with a basket of princess goodies. It is a memory that will stay with me forever.

So those last two things had absolutely nothing to do with check in except for the calories I expelled in those 36 hours. Jack is 15 months old and thinks he's Superman. He constantly climbs up on things and jumps off. You can't take your eyes off that boy. But of my gosh is he cute. I should have posted the picture of him going through the ladder. He was not about to be outdone by his sisters.

We are going on vacation next week. We rented a lake house and pontoon boat with my sister and brother-in-law. Our kids will be coming and going throughout the week. It will be fun. We haven't vacationed together since the kids were all little and we rented lake houses then. I'm not worried about eating badly on this trip because this my sister who is obsessed about weight and talks about it all the time. You just don't overeat around her. It's not worth it to have to hear about it. Takes all the fun out of it. I should probably come back with a loss for next week. The only bad thing I see happening is having to have a few cocktails to conger up the courage to go on the boat. I can't swim and hate deep water, so it always takes a little liqiud courage for me.

Last but surely not least, check back in a day or two for my recap post about doing the mini summer breakfast swap with Mel and Attune Foods. We should have had the dairy challenge last week when I was eating cereal every morning!

Okay I am shutting up now before this becomes a freakin novel. Hope you all had a good week. Go Team 4!! Hope we stay in the Top 10 or make that Top 5.


  1. I love that you & Abby came up with an obstacle course for the kids! That is awesome. Have a great time on vacation next week!

  2. It may have been a novel but when it's as interesting as your post, it's all good. Wow! So many things to comment on - your son-in-law - whoa! He's very impressive. And the princess race? Omigosh what a great idea!
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Where do you rent your cottages? We're thinking of doing something like that next summer! And, lastly, it's okay that you had a couple of cocktails. I have two grandsons right around Jack's age, and they're fun but exhausting. You needed to unwind I'm sure! Great post, Nancy. I loved it!

  3. Caffeine is a grandma's crack when the little ones are around! I love the obstacle course idea..anything to keep them entertained and busy! Have a great vacation!

  4. I love that they wanted to do their own race! That's awesome!!

    And it's been just as hot here, too, and I gained this week. And the week before. And the week before that. Consider yourself a success. : )

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