It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Burst into Summer / Week 3

This my friends is one of those weeks where I don't have much to say. How can there be a lot to talk about when I weigh the same as I did last week? I guess in the grand scheme of things that is better than a gain. It was a holiday weekend and we did have lots of parties and cookouts to attend.

After last weeks comments, I did finally measure. I'm going to wait a few weeks before I measure again though. Hopefully, I will see a better loss of inches that way and it will be a big shot in the arm. Four weeks from right now, I'll be on vacation at a lake and I'd like to wear beach clothes. If I lose some inches and firm up a little, I could do that.

The pool has finally warmed up and I am going to start jogging in there today. I found out at the end of last summer that I actually liked that. I hate to run on pavement. The boot camp runs and bursts...I hate them. They hurt my knees and my ankle. But for some reason, in the pool they are okay. So, to the pool it is. Here's hoping it will work again this year for me.

I did pretty well with the eating this past week. Even with all the parties and cookouts, I stayed within my calorie goals. I didn't even have a cocktail till the 4th. Of course then I made up for it and had too many. I had a great time in my own backyard with friends and family, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I'm back on the wagon now.

I did a pretty good job with the fruits and veggies. I put a basket of fruit all washed and ready to eat on the kitchen counter and it helped a whole bunch. The whole family ate more fruit last week because of it. I'm going to keep doing that. Does sun tea count as water? I've been making that and downing a lot of it. My water intake has suffered because of it.

There are no classes at my gym this week. I'm on my own. Wish me luck. Hopefully, the water jogging will help and I have the SJ boot camp. I keep thinking I want to get a bike again. I let my husband talk me into selling mine at a garage sale last year. I knew at the time it was a bad idea, but I let him talk me into it anyway. I was looking at them last week and they aren't all that expensive. I have an extra paycheck this month because of the five Fridays, so I may just bite the bullet and get one.

Well, for someone who didn't have much to say, I guess I said a lot. How did you all do this week? Team 4 moved up to 6th place last week. Hope my lack of loss didn't send us back down the leaderboard. last thing. Check out my post at Bacardi Mama. I went to the Cubs game last week and it was awesome. Holy Cow!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good week - you're right, maintaining is better than a gain. :)

    I love to run in the pool - it's difficult, but no impact. I do that when I go to my mom's - it's a great way to get some fun exercise in.

  2. oooh, what a great idea! My son has been wanting to go swimming and maybe I could take him swimming and I could do a workout in the water while he is playing!!

  3. I would have preferred a maintain this week, but I earned a gain. If I knew it was going to be 3 lbs I would have eaten week will be better!

  4. I want to do my bursts in the pool!!! I hate them with a passion! Keep up the good work, Nancy!