It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

True Confessions

I have about three minutes until I have to leave for work, so this is going to be the shortest True Confessions ever.
I confess that I am having a pretty darn good week. If you read my virtual 5k post, you'll know that I had an awaking of sorts during that walk/run. Bari made a comment about my letter post and it got me thinking. It pretty much all started with that comment. Thanks Bari.
I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow how good this week really was, but even if I gained a pound, I learned a lot in the past few days. I have a new attutde for the new year and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow on the weigh in post.


  1. sounds like you had a better week than I had. It seems like when I have celebrations and Birthdays it throws me off. There will always be something so, I will quit complaining and work at it harder. Love your attitude!

  2. You know I think you are pretty special, so you're welcome, Nancy. I can't wait to hug you IRL this weekend! :)

  3. So glad that you have finally found your groove! This past weekend was a good one for a lot of us!! Can't wait to see how you are rewarded tomorrow on the scale!

  4. Way to turn that corner Nancy! Attitude is half of the battle to get to where we want to that means you are half way there!