It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

True Confessions's Tuesday again and I'm in the same rut I was in last week.

Not good!!

Those damn stress levels are still way up there and I have more going on this week than last.

I wish I could explain to you all what is going on, but I can't. If you live in the area, you will probably know. But, that isn't even the whole problem.

I had a huge wake up call though on Saturday morning.!!

I had a surprise college graduation party for my daughter on Friday night and I was uploading the pictures to the computer Saturday and saw this picture.

I cried. I really cried. My ass is the size of a barn door and I'm not saying that for sympathy. I'm saying it because it truly is.

What a freakin wake up call that was.

Stress or no stress, I have to get that fat ass in gear again.

I am so embarrassed I could die.

How did I not see this before? I knew I was fat, but obviously I haven't seen a picture of me sitting down in a long time. Standing up it doesn't look that bad. Maybe in some weird way, this is a good thing that happened. Maybe shock therapy is what I needed.

Here is the plan to move on from this point.

1. I have to eat. I've eaten so little in the last few weeks. It has been nice for weight loss for my team, but not good for me physically. I'm tired and crabby. I just don't feel good.

2. I'm back to drinking 3 or 4 diet cokes a day. I haven't done that in probably close to a year. I'm back on the water starting today. I feel a headache coming on, but I can deal with it.

3. I have to exercise every day in some way. I have two new wii workout discs and I am not even using them. How stupid is that?

4. I have to get to the store and get some good food in this house. It's not that I am eating bad food so much as I'm just not eating.

5. I am looking forward to Friday. It's the last day of school and then two weeks off for Christmas break. I promise that I will use those two weeks to truly get back on track and lose the fat ass and every other fat body part that goes with it.

6. I promise myself that I will work on the inside of me. I have to get beyond everything that is going on around me and get back to me and what I can control.

7. And I'm going to start this all off with the tworkout tonight. I totally missed it last week by falling asleep in front of the tv set wating for it to start. That will not be happening this week.

What about you? What do you have to confess? let me tell you that I feel better just saying this all to you. Try it!


  1. Nancy,
    I hear you on the stress. OMG do I hear you. There is so much going on this time of year already and to add extra stuff in to the mix makes it so much harder. BIG HUGS to you my friend. And lots of love. I hope everything is okay, and YES you do need to start eating healthy foods to keep your body fueled.

    Also, your ass is not as big as a barn door. Take off the fat googles!!! You look beautiful in that picture. So happy!

    Let's get back on track together, because I'm feeling the same stress as you right now and it's not good!!!

    Love you!

  2. Nancy, do I need to come down and go shopping with you sometime next week? We can do some serious walking at Lighthouse if the snow ever stops.

    And, for the record, I agree with Christy. You look beautiful in that picture. No barn door sized ass anywhere.

  3. Girl, you do not have a barn door arse! I know you see yourself different than we do, but at least you are trying to do something about it. I have been in a rut too, but still going to Curves and eating like a horse. This time of year is the hardest. I have faith in you and know you will get back on track soon. You still look beautiful, my friend...