It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Monday, December 6, 2010

True Confessions

I don't even know where to start with this confession this week. It's been one hell of a week and I haven't been good about much. The stress levels in my life are at peek levels and I can't even really tell you why. It's all stuff that I can't talk about right now. It sucks! It just sucks big time. Here is what I can tell you.

1. I'm hardly eating and when I am, it's pretty much crap. When I am a ball of nerves, eating makes me sick to my stomache. I'm worried that I won't have a good loss this week because I keep hearing that not eating can be worse than eating too much. Supposedly, my body will try to hold on to what it has. Just my luck.

2. With the exception of 50 minutes on the treadmill, the only exercise I have done has been on the wii. I suppose that is better than no exercise at all.

3. I have so totally let my team down this week. I was the one who was so excited last week when the leaderboard came up. We were in 4th place and so not out of reach of 1st place. I sent out an email telling my team that we could take 1st place if we really tried. All I can do now is pray that my body gave up some weight instead of holding on to it. I have one day to work my ass off and see what happens.

4. After reading Mary's guest post at the Sisterhood about the new Weight Watchers, I'm beginning to think that maybe I shouldn't have cancelled mine.
5. I just realized that my True Confessions button is under this instead of on top of it. That's just how this week has gone.

I have a giveaway going on my other blog. I have a My Shape with Jenny McCarthy Wii game to give away. I've been wanting to try this for awhile now and found them for a great price on ebay. I got one for me and for you. I've only tried it once, but I liked it. Go over here and enter.

I hope you all had a better week than me.


  1. ((hugs)) Nancy. We've all had crappy weeks and I pray that the stress that is bringing you down is changed soon. Take it one day at a time.

  2. {{{hugs}}} it will all work out. I had a pretty crappy week last week & have decided not to look back. just ahead!

  3. Hey, Nancy, you know about my week. Not good and not getting any better yet. I sure am a big baby when I don't feel well. Next week will be better all around for both of us - I'm sure of it. And I hope your stresses melt away along with our weight. :)

  4. i'm sorry you've had a bad week *hugs* share when you can. we're here for you.