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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Run Baby Baby Run

We left at quite literally the crack of dawn for the Run Baby Baby Run 5k.
My family and I have done this every year since it started in 2004.
It is a fundraiser for the NICU at Memorial Hospital in South Bend.
My niece and God baby Courtney works there and both of her daughters started their sweet lives there.
Anna and Kamryn are both beautiful and healthy 7 and 4 year olds because of this NICU.
Kamryn wasn't quite so healthy on Saturday. She was home with her grandma because she had a sinus infection. Usually both girls are there for the race.
If we had changed to daylight savings time last week, we would have missed this beautiful sunrise.
Isn't it breathtaking?
And if my other God baby Ali hadn't looked in her rear view mirror, I would have missed this shot. I love the light from the sunrise shining on the trees.

We got to Plymouth finally after several detours. We didn't have a lot of time to check in. Good thing nobody had to go to the bathroom.

This Anna, our little NICU girl.

This is Emma, Anna's cousin. They are a month apart in age. They walked the whole race together and took great pride in the times they ran ahead of the older folks.

This is Maggie, my great niece. She ran the whole race with her mom, God baby Ali.
She's a great kid. Although soccer is her life, she gave this race all she had.
I was very proud of her.

Here we all are waiting at the starting line. I was appalled at the manners of some of the people. Far too many people talked and laughed through the entire national anthem. Even our little girls knew enough to be respectful.

Our first snowfall of the season made for some beautiful scenery.
My daughter Abby and her boyfriend Myles enjoyed the walk.

Like I said, beautiful scenery.

Here we are after the race doing what we all love about this race...eating the chili!

Next, it was time for the fun run.
Anna decided she didn't want to do it, but Emma was right there and ready to go.
And here she is after the race with her ribbon.
This is our little team. We usually have quite a few more than this, but the others had some conflicts this year. Hopefully, they'll be back next year because we all sure will be.
Could I look more stupid in the headband?
No t shirts this year. They gave hats in the swag bags. You saw how stupid I look in a hat in the above picture. I was more than happy to give my hat to Anna. You may have noticed the pacifier on top of the hat. That was my prize for coming in first place for my age group. It's not nearly as impressive as it sounds. It is a small race and there weren't that many people in my age group. I only ran three times during the race. I just started the C25K program and my running isn't pretty. This day wasn't about running and having a great finishing time. To be honest, nobody ever said what my finishing time was. It was about family and raising money for the NICU.
Here's the good news. My daughter Abby is going to do the C25K with me. We'll do the virtual 5k together in January, but our real goal is for March. There is a fundraiser for my school in March called Running with the Irish. We always walk it, but this year, we are going to run it. I'm excited to be doing this with her. My awesome and inspiring friend Mary has brought me a new commitment to exercise and fitness. She is older than me and doing so wonderful. You know Mary. She won Shrinkvivor. She's my girl and if she can do it, so can I. I'm ready to hear about the new challenge and give it all I've got. Mary made me realize that age doesn't mean a damn thing. It's the commitment that you are willing to give to achieve something that matters. Thanks Mary. You have made me realize (again) that I can do anything I put my mind to. I just have to want it enough to keep on keeping on and guess what, I do!!


  1. My dad emailed me some of the snow pictures he took, but I think you got a bit more! I loved your race report. That NICU has a special place in my heart too. My nephew was t/f there after he was born (but was too sick for Memorial and was sent to Riley). He's now a very energetic 8 year old!

    I'm glad you had a good race, even with the snow & cold. BTW-your family is beautiful!

  2. Nancy, can I just say that I love you? And I have to agree with Mary- age doesn't matter. I am so proud of you for all that you have done and all that you WILL do. As coincidence would have it, I wore my Run Baby Run shirt this weekend- I love that shirt!!!

  3. What a wonderful race for you to participate in with your family! YOU CAN DO IT, Nancy! If I can so can you!! Determination and having a wonderful family support team make it alot easier, too!

  4. Great job Nancy! That is great that you are going to do C25K! One step at a time and one foot in front of the other... you will get there! You are doing great!

  5. Nancy, I'm so proud of you!!! No get away from the negative talk and the being so modest. You came in first in your age group, and no matter how many people were in it, YOU CAME IN FIRST! WOW! What a wonderful accomplishment to be able to own!!!

    Also, you look adorable in a hat or headband or anything else because you are beautiful!!!

    Congratulations on your race!!! xoxoxoxox