It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shrinkvivor Weigh In # 7

So, I confessed to you all yesterday that I was in a funk this week. I sure am proving it today with my weigh in post......

Not surprisingly, I gained .4 pounds this week. I'm actually pretty happy with that. I thought it was going to be worse. My mileage was a whopping 14 miles. The one thing I did do pretty faithfully was try to read my labels for trans fats.

With the exception of my walking, the only real exercise I did this week was the tworkout last night. I'm happy to say that I think that tworkout helped me turn a corner and I may be back to my old self. I'm waiting for the new challenges to come up. I'm off the next four days and the weather isn't supposed to be awful, so I'm looking forward to getting out for some walks and taking some fall pictures.

One last wonderful friend Mary is still in this challenge. She is not with me on the island. She is a member of Tribe Outlast. I am so proud of her. Keep up the great work Mary. I know you can do this!!!


  1. You can do this, Nancy! Get moving again and the world will seem like a better place and you will be out of that funk!

  2. Nancy, don't fret :) You are kicking ass and I'm so proud of you. We all have off weeks, and sometimes it's good to just rest our legs!! Now if you pull this crap again next week, I'll come looking for you ;) xoxoxoxo


  3. Definitely this journey has it's ups and downs and situations that make it even more challenging than it has to be. I know you, though. You'll fight through. Next summer our skinny selves will be walking all over the place!!
    And thanks for the very sweet endorsement. You're the best!