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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Thursday Three / Love Me

I'm running a little behind on this assignment because it's been a busy week. Sorry April! I really meant to get it done on Thursday night, but I didn't get home till after midnight. Yesterday was equally busy. Today, I have a little time this afternoon. The directions for this assignment were....

Today’s Thursday Three is a love letter to YOU. Write a love letter to yourself and include three things (at least) why you awesomely amazingly beautiful. Because, trust me, you are.

Dear Nancy,
Knowing you like I do, I was pretty sure you would have a little bit of a hard time with this. You are your own worst critic. Finding the good in yourself is not your strong point. You are much better at finding fault with yourself. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, you will find something you think is wrong. But, that is also something that you are working on.
It took some thinking and soul searching, but I did come up with some things that make me awesome. Yes, I said it. There are things that make me awesome.
1. I am a giver. Sometimes to a fault, but I love to do for others. Right now, I am working on fundraising for the Making Strides walk. (Shameless plug, widget on sidebar. Feel free to donate) It is a walk that is very close to my heart. One of my very best friends is fighting cancer right now and it all started with breast cancer. My sister and another good friend had better outcomes when their biopsies came back negative. I do many walks in the course of the year for different charities. I love to do them. It is such a positive feeling. I feel like I am doing something to help with things that are on such a huge scale. When every little bit helps, I am helping and I like that feeling.
2. I'm not afraid to have a good time. Believe it or not, this hasn't always been the case. I was always worried about what people would say, what people would think. Guess what, who cares. I'm not doing anything wrong. I like to go to baseball and football games. I like to go out with friends and our husbands. I like to go out with the girls without our husbands. I like to stay home and have friends over to play pool, play board games or watch sports. I just plain and simple enjoy having a good time.
3. I am the most awesome grandma. I really am and I don't mind tooting my own horn about it. I have three of the best grandkids. Today, we went to the Oz Fest parade while their mom and dad went shopping. I love to have them spend the night. We love to bake and go for walks and do crafts and go on little trips to the orchard or park or numerous other places. I think being a grandparent is one of the best things in the world and I am damn good at it.
4. I'm getting better and better at this fitness journey I am on. I'm sure not saying I am perfect at it because I have many a slip up, but I'm getting better all the time. I've gotten to a point where I think I actually like working out. I said like, not love but hey, that is certainly a step in the right direction
So my dear, you do have a little awesomeness in you. I just wish you didn't have to look so hard to find it. It's there. It's always right there where everyone else can see it, but you miss it most of the time. You really have to work on being good to you and seeing the good in you. You are an awesome, beautiful person and people tell you that often and you can never just accept the compliment. You shrug it off like they are lying. You have to stop doing that. You are a very worthwhile person who many people love and count on. You have to learn to love and count on you too. You are worth it and I know it because I am you. I might be your conscience, but I see all the goodness and light and all the colors of you. You need to see them too. Give it a try. I bet you'll like what you see.
Love you,


  1. I asked for three and you gave me four. That in itself is awesome. This is a really terrific letter! Thank you for completing it!

  2. Love your letter! We are so much alike in so many ways. I just need to get my motivation for losing weight back and we would be twins.