It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Confessions

The worlds fastest edition of True Confessions. I have to be out the door in seven minutes.

1. I drank several Bacardi and diets over the weekend. A good friend is home from Maine for the week and we were having some fun and visiting on Saturday. I also considered that my last hurrah before the challenge started.

2. I went a little crazy with dinner last night and had to go into my flex points. We had grilled beer can chicken, dirty rice and stuffed jalapenos. It was worth it.

3. So far this morning, I haven't exercised and I always do that first thing. I woke up to walk and it had rained all night and was still raining. I did something I never do. I went back to bed. I was still up by 7:00, but it was great. My daughter fell asleep in the room that has the dvd player and shred dvd that I use in it. It's almost 11:00 and I'm out the door for a cancer doctor appointment with a good friend. I promise to get the shred done and hit the treadmill later.

4. I have a wonderful confession, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Now, I've got to run. Hope you all did great. I'll read all yours when I get home.


  1. Ohhh. You're killing me. I can't wait until tomorrow to hear your wonderful confession! I never knew you were mean. Just kidding. Your true confessions aren't bad at all. How could they be. You're such an awesome team member!

  2. Last night's dinner DOES sound worth it! yum

  3. Flex points are there for the precise reason you stated. That's not a confession, that's following the program!