It's time to stop messing around and get serious about losing the weight. The time is now
and I am the person who has to do the work.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick Note....

Just a quick note to let you know that aqua jogging is going well. I've done it three days in a row now. Today, I was a little iffy about doing it. Although it feels great doing it when you are in the water, it must be a hell of a workout because my calves have been screaming for two days now. I've been jogging for a mile. I clip my pedometer to the top of my bathing suit to keep track. I've been doing butt kicks and high steps when I jog. Maybe that is what is hurting my calves. I've also been doing ab, arm and leg exercises in the water. I'm really loving this though. Who knew that this exercise wonderland was in my backyard all this time?


  1. You are doing great! What might be hurting your calves is staying on your toes too much. Make sure you put your whole foot down when you step.

  2. You know it's working if you are hurting. I wish I had a pool to jog are blessed! Keep up the good work.

  3. should you be stretching more before or after? Keep it up!! my neighbor who used to run marathons swears by water jogging!! I thought he was crazy until I read your post! u go girl!!